When I got back from my 10 month trip I started writing a book.. wanting to get down on paper or in this case in 10001011100001’s the reasons for my trip and what happened along the way.

The blog was only the start, a way of documenting and relaying to family, friends and whoever else may have been interested in my trip as it progressed. The problem with a blog is it’s written quickly, for the most part in places that aren’t all that comfortable and a lot of the time on a smartphone rather than a full sized keyboard. You cannot write down everything that happened along the way otherwise you’d spend as much time documenting the ride as you would riding it… hold on, it’s taking me longer to write a book than it did to ride it.

Books deserve to have their time taken, to recall all those small things that made the trip what it was, the small details of what made the trip special. There were also many things that happened along the way I wouldn’t write in my blog, I didn’t want to scare my family and friends, now I am back safe I can write those down and spend more time crafting hopefully something better that I had with a smartphone in the some of the remotest parts of Africa.

However, that book isn’t written yet, I’m getting there but it’s going to take me a little longer to finish. Along with the photo’s the hand written diary the blog is a useful tool to recall what happened along the way, so I compiled the blog entries into some sort of order and made an eBook of them, making it easier to read, I can read them on my kindle, smartphone or iPad and don’t need an internet connection. Now so can you!

A Long Bike Ride – The Blog Entries (AVAILABLE NOW)

Length 173 Pages (Mobi, Kindle) 222 Pages (PDF)
Price £2.99

A Long Bike Ride - The Blog Entries

While I’m working on the finished book, why not buy a copy of the blog entries, it’s less than the cost of a pint in many of the UK’s public houses (bring back the £1 a beer I had in Africa) and contains all the text from my blog entries relating to my travels, you can take it easily anywhere you go.. so long as you have a smartphone, tablet, kindle or another ebook reader. The blog was written as I traveled and as such is quite raw, much like the travel, the book reflects this.

Click on the format link below to buy a copy now, delivered in either mobi format which can be read by any eBook or eBook reader app or buy in PDF.

At some point I will be tidying up the blog posts further, anyone who has purchased the book prior to his will be entitled to download an updated copy as long as you leave your email address at checkout.

Available in the following formats, click to buy Mobi, PDFPayment-MobiPayment-PDF


Cycling Africa – 18,000km to Mend A Broken Heart (COMING SOON)

Length TBC – Lots of Pages (Mobi, Kindle, PDF)

Cycling Africa - 18,000km to Mend A Broken HeartMany of my friends and family knew I had set off on a long bike ride, they didn’t know where I was going to end up, neither did I. One thing I did know was that a year previous my heart was broken, I split up with my long time girlfriend who I also worked with, she’d had enough of my selfish ways and I couldn’t blame her. Work was tedious, no challenge and seeing the one you love but can’t have everyday made things even worse. My employers didn’t seem to understand how I felt and I needed to get away, the saying goes, “if you don’t like it, get on your bike” so I did.. just that.

This is the real full reason I left, hopped on a bike and headed for Africa, hoping to enrich my life through meeting others, become a better person and with luck to mend my heart along the way, this is my story,.

Coming Soon…