Oh what a minefield this is…

What do you take… what do you need, this can be a very confusing subject. Even researching others kit lists and its mind boggling as to what you should take. Some good advice that I came across when I started to compile a list was “Don’t take what you want, take what you need”.. So with that in mind I compiled the list below…. I did say in mind, I never fully followed it and I am sure I have too much stuff I want rather than I need!

do not take things I could do with, take things I could not do without!

My Kit List has been broken down into sections, it was too long to put into one list:

  1. Clothing
  2. Gadgets/Misc
  3. On the Bike/Spares
  4. Tents/Sleeping/Camping
  5. The Bike

Although I had thought I had prepared everything that I needed (and more) before I left the UK, there was inevitably items that I needed along the way. I have listed items that I bought below:

Swimming trunks/Light shorts –  from Lidl in France (Still in use today!)

Worming Tablets – (Albendazole) After being given advice in Nairobi that because I am drinking local water rather than bottled as a precaution I should worm myself about every three months.

 Kick Stand – I am currently using a ClickStand, loaned to me by John Berry.  Previously I had used a Pletcher Stand, kindly arranged and bought out to me in Burkina Faso by Wouter & his Sister Anne. Although Surly are pretty strong on their idea of not using a stand on a bike, practically its a bloody nightmare without one. Surly’s advice of laying the bike on the floor is NOT practical, who wants to lay a fully laden touring bike on the ground when its muddy, plus it puts lateral strain on the wheels when you pick the thing back up.

fFor the Europe 2023 o had taken off the kick stand and am using a click stand lent to me by friend John.

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