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I almost forgot, when I was on tour before, I put a buy me a beer/coffee button on my webpage. Donations were through PayPal.

If enjoyed reading another persons blogs which gave the idea. If bought them a beer as a thank you for the content, which contained a lot of good advice.

I was surprised that I received over £500 while in Africa. A testament to how generous friends and even strangers I met along the way, can be. I admit I drank most of them in my last couple of weeks in Cape Town!

What reminded me of this button, is I’ve just had a donation while writing a post! First one since 2014.

Buy me a beer

Link in n image, if viewing website on a mobile, at bottom of the page. If on desktop, on the right.


4 thoughts on “Donate Buy me Beer Link

  1. Repeat the beer thing next week and I’ll donate. Don’t want you getting too drunk when it first appears:)

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