Devizes to Portsmouth

Down to the Ferry..

Trip down to the ferry was good. I’d planned the route to be much the same as last years but avoiding the byways.

On the way I rode about 5 or 6 miles through some nice country lanes with another cyclist Jacqui who asked if I was going far and was surprised when I said Paris. I think she was expecting somewhere a little closer. I’d explained that I’d ridden there once before and this time was looking to get there a little quicker.

Great view across the hills

Weather was fine although a bit cooler than expected and very windy in places. I set off from home, got about a mile and a half and realised I had not turned on the Garmin, so I went back and started again.

The trip down was very good with the last 15-20 miles being much hillier than I recalled. I arrived at my Aunt and Uncles in good time to have a quick shower and pop out with the family for a bite to eat before making the final trip to the ferry port, where I am writing this having a coffee and half a packet of Hob Knobs. I’d only eaten a large pizza just over an hour before.

At the Ferry Terminal

This time tomorrow I should be in Paris 🙂

Route: 1 -Devizes to Portsmouth 2013
Ride Link:
Started: 27 May 2013
Ride Time: 5:32:47
Distance: 80.06 miles
Average Speed: 14.44 mph
Fastest Speed: 35.34 mph
Ascent: 3098 feet
Descent: 3378 feet
Calories: 2656
Average Heart Rate: 120 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 160 bpm
Bike: Cannondale Bad Boy

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