Le Havre to Paris

Woke up at 6:00am UK time 7:00an French time and headed straight to the restaurant for a full English.

The restaurant is at the front of the boat which had a nice view of the heavy rain outside.
Docked fine and set off into the rain at about 8:30. Did exactly the same as yesterday and forgot to start the Garmin for 2 miles.

Getting off the Ferry

I didn’t go back this time and reset it going. I had Cyclemeter running on my phone.

After about 20 miles I noticed that the season was a little further along here. The oilseed rape in the UK has only just come out in flower. 20 miles into France it was coming to the end of the flowering and the Barley was out with full ears ready to ripen.

It carried on raining all morning but by 13:30 it had started to ease and although there were a few light showers, by the time I got to Paris it had stopped and the sun had come out.

Bridge across the Seine

I’d made reasonable time thoroughly the day and arrived in Paris for just before 18:00. The route I’d plotted turned out to not be so great so I had the Garmin recalculate the route to the Eiffel Tower.

Arrivee Tour Eiffel

I met up with Claire at the Eiffel Tower at about 18:30 and then we headed back towards Notre Dame and Claire and Stephane’s Apartment.

My hosts were fantastic, cooking a lovely meal and we had a great evening chatting about Cycling and other things.

Haven’t got much planned for tomorrow yet, weather doesn’t look great for the afternoon might be a quiet one.

Route: 2 – Le Havre to Paris 2013
Activity: Cycle
Ride Link: http://cyclemeter.com/9fb89c614db84b86/Cycle-20130528-0716?r=x
Started: 28 May 2013 07:16:54
Ride Time: 8:55:41
Distance: 132.86 miles
Average Speed: 14.88 mph
Fastest Speed: 36.60 mph
Ascent: 6157 feet
Descent: 6042 feet
Calories: 5648
Bike: Cannondale Bad Boy

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