Rest day in Paris

Having a quiet day in Paris today with no firm plans of what to do. Woke up somewhen just gone 8 after a good nights sleep. Breakfast was great, Croissant, coffee and plenty of Stéphanes home made bread with butter and jam.

I was lent a map of the city and after talking with Stéphane and Claire who don’t use GPS it’s clear I need to learn how to navigate properly without electrical devices. I struggle using route sheets on Audax’ and its only laziness that I always fall back on a GPS. Whilst the GPS are good and make any trip idiot (Almost Gary) proof, I’d find it very difficult if they stopped working or something went wrong during a ride.

Had to take the bike back down from the 5th floor first.

Corners are a little tight

Claire has a huge recumbent in the apartment, it was difficult enough to negotiate the stairs with my bike. I take my hat off to her getting that up the stairs.

My first attempt with the map didn’t go well, I think I need a compass. You wouldn’t believe I used to be in the scouts! I faired better on the return to the apartment when I was determined not to resort to using my iPhone for guidance.

The weather was great first thing with the sun out and not too chilly (well it is nearly June). Riding through Paris slowly taking in the sights and sounds. By early afternoon the temperature dropped slightly and it looked like it was going to rain but nothing so far. It’s probably waiting for the morning :-).

Elliot enjoying the view from the balcony at Stéphane and Claire’s

Stéphane and Claire are taking me to a local Restaurant tonight which I’m really looking forward to. We are to meet up after with a couple of Argentinian cyclists that stayed with them a short while ago. I’ll need to moderate the pop for the ride to Rouen (still can’t pronounce it properly) tomorrow.

Route: Bumbling around Paris
Ride Link:
Started: 29 May 2013 08:55:34
Ride Time: 1:11:29
Distance: 13.65 miles
Average Speed: 11.45 mph
Fastest Speed: 22.23 mph
Ascent: 1571 feet
Descent: 1679 feet
Calories: 558
Bike: Cannondale Bad Boy

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