Dodging Storms – Botswana

14th December 2014

Long roads with miles and miles between towns and settlements, the peace and tranquility and sense of being alone in Botswana was welcome after riding through densely populated Malawi and the tourist areas of Zambia. 

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Summer in December and with the summer comes the rainy season.  The rains bring welcome respite to the unrelenting heat. When you do get caught in the rain, it doesn’t last too long as the vast clouds dump their loads in spectacular fashion causing mini flash floods. Drying out isn’t a problem, twenty minutes after a storm the rain seems a distant memory as the heat once again engulfs you. The only sign that the parched land has had rain is the plant life, the land changing from browns to greens and  literally bursting into life before the water is gone again. 

Further ride data below the photo, try clicking on the KML file link and you can zoom through and follow the route using google earth:

Ride Data For The Day:

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Started: 14 Dec 2014, 07:44:18
Ride Time: 3:53:11
Stopped Time: 5:39:29
Distance: 44.81 miles
Average Speed: 11.53 mph
Fastest Speed: 15.17 mph
Ascent: 1864
Descent: 1965
Calories: 2126
Bike: Surly LHT

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