The Netherlands – Pt 1- Flat Lands (Windy Lands)

After leaving Brugge, it was only a short ride to cross the border to Holland. There was no fanfare or fuss. No special signs. A simple barrier and the signs changed style. Previously I’d been in touch with Rênas, a German cycle tourist that I met in 2014 in Spain. I asked him if he knew a good route through Holland or a bit I shouldn’t miss.

Rênas suggestion

And after I’d crossed that area. The suggestion was to cross the The Afsluitdijk. A large dyke that has protected Holland from the sea for 90 years. A bit like the Menin Gate. It’s under maintenance and you can’t cycle over it. There will be a bus when I get to it.

My target for the next day was a town called Kortgene. I had arranged another Welcome to my Garden stay, with Roel and Esther.

Esther, Roel, Josh and I

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