Arrivee Francais

Arrived in France early at 5:40 UK time. Very misty/foggy. The app I’m using for the progress page has every type of weather…other than mist or fog.

Instantly the roads are better but for some reason my progress has been slower. Maybe it’s something to do with only getting 3 hours sleep on the ferry. I would have got more, but it seems not everyone realises they should put their phones on silent. As we neared France there were phones going off left right and centre as everyone started receiving their “welcome to France” messages from various French phone networks.

Rode for about 27 miles and stopped for a coffee in Pont-L’Eveque. I’m a little surprised at the advertising next to my table, there was a poster for a ladies magazine, not too dissimilar from the ones in the UK but the one above is for a magazine called “Union”and comes with a free DVD…. On the front cover is two attractive young naked ladies and a woman lying on the beach whilst someone’s groping her bum!!! Very different.

Stopped at about 57 miles for lunch, taking shade under a tree. Fell asleep for a while as the lack of sleep and heat caught up with me.

Went wrong again as I got carried away with going down a nice steep hill, only to find I needed to go back up it for almost a mile to correct my route.

Got into Oissel at about 16:50.

At Oissel, I stayed with my warm showers hosts, Michael and Pasqualine. They were very kind, fed me, gave me a tour of the town and even washed my cycling kit.

The sunset we watched over the river Seine was wonderful.

Route: Leg 2 – Caen to Oissel

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Started: 19 Aug 2012 07:03:53
Ride Time: 6:17:37
Stopped Time: 3:32:56
Distance: 77.32 miles
Average Speed: 12.29 mph
Fastest Speed: 49.12 mph
Ascent: 2734 feet
Descent: 2653 feet
Calories: 2336
Notes: Left HRM on all day, even when stopped and asleep under a tree.

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