Day Minus 2 – Bike fully loaded test

After much faffing, should I or shouldn’t I take this or that, I’ve now got the bike ready.

Bikes been cleaned (to my standard), new chain, cassette, puncture resistant tyres and the rear wheel serviced with new bearings and free Hub and it’s time to go for a test run.

Below is an explorer link which you can click on. Although this is a very short ride, you should be able to see where I am, or at least my phone!

All we have to do each do is remember to send each days link. Hopefully between Jay and I we can remember!

Started Cycle: 16 Jun 2017, 16:10:53
Route: Testing Out The LEJOG Rig

Explorer Link:

Kind Regards,

Gary Hewitt-Long

2 thoughts on “Day Minus 2 – Bike fully loaded test

  1. I believe you went to South Africa innit? Given that Scotland is less civilised and more dangerous is you worried? Your cycling chum looks a bit of a batty boy and not so good if sum big jock attacks you wiv a claymore. Once you gets past the wall you will av wildlings and white walkers and sorts of nasty stuff. Dem haggis can be nasty innit?
    Finally will yous be avin your own tents or will yous be snuggling all cosy like?


    • Thank you for the warning Tezza, we will now take appropriate precautions. Jay can ride in front, he’s larger so maybe the wildlings will be full before I ride by, or maybe we can tell them there’s a big slow Italian behind us who’d make a much better meal and easier target, he’ll taste like pizza of bolognese. I do have a penknife, customs tried to take it off of me in France the other week, but I won the argument, so it’s definitely lucky and hopefully it’l work like dragon glass on the white walkers, it’s also very sharp, the haggis won’t stand a chance. We can maybe also carry stones to throw at them if they come at us like wild dogs.
      Finally, we’ll be spooning in the luxury spa hotels we have booked for each night.

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